Tips and Advice on Space Savings

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5 Tips and Advice on Space-Saving

If you are living in an apartment, you probably understand that large space is a luxury compared to a bungalow. As such, space saving tips come handy in transforming your living space to project a spacious and larger outlook. A simple plan focuses on optimising store space and reducing visual noise.


1 . Flexible furniture is your best friend

Choose multi-functional furniture as it combines the functions of your diverse needs into a single piece of furniture. For example, consider a console table that can be extended into a dining table. Another furniture piece that can undergo such functional transformation includes a sofa that is able to act as a bed. Consider a footstool that has hidden storage that will reduce your need for a large storeroom!


2. Maximise the use of the height of a room

In a space constraint home, vertical storage is an ideal solution to de-clutter your room. Shop for furniture that is tall and narrow or furniture that can optimise space use to take advantage of the height of your room. Space saves could potentially fit in your much-needed chair.

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3. The wall could be your next inspiration

Consider adding some shelves on your wall to increase storage spaces for your books or pots of plants. Space them evenly without portraying a cramped look. If you need more delicate storage plan, consider having a customised wardrobe against the wall.

Do not underestimate the utility of wall. Wall-mounted furnishings are useful for small apartments. Consider mounting your electronic products on the wall. A little touch of wall sconces helps brighten up dark corners, which could make space feel overall larger than it truly is.

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4. Time for a space audit

The ultimate way to de-clutter is to observe your space. Sometimes, lacking storage wasn’t an issue. You might be hoarding many things, which are less useful now. Have the discipline to do some housekeeping.  Recycle or donate items, which you do not need anymore. Be amazed how a less clutter home can positively impact your mood.


5. Tackle the visual noise

The colour palette of your house can manipulate the macro view of a space. A suggestion is to have a unified colour theme for your house. The uniformity of colour helps to create a smooth visual flow of your furniture without the choppy visual look. The next consideration is the colour tone. Neutral palettes often create a brighter look to space, as they tend to reflect light.

Tips and Advice On Space Savings River Parc Condo
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If you carefully craft your living space usage with these tips, we are sure you are on a journey to creating a lively and elegant home that is uniquely yours.

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