5 Design Ideas to Maximise Your Kitchen Space in Singapore

Why Saving Space in the Kitchen Is Important


The kitchen is arguably the heart of the home, serving as an area where family members commune and bond with each other over a sumptuous meal.


However, with the accumulation of various kitchen items and poor planning, the kitchen can become crowded, cluttered, and prone to accidents. These can be easily avoided by learning how to optimise or save space in the kitchen. Having ample space allows you to store kitchen equipment and get them easily when needed. It also fosters a sense of order for homeowners, helping them have a clearer headspace that allows them to be more productive in the kitchen.


What Are the Benefits of Saving Space in the Kitchen?


Aside from cultivating a sense of productivity, kitchens with ample space provide the following benefits:


  • Aesthetic: One can spend hours a day in a kitchen, so maximising space in the kitchen helps to incorporate your preferences when it comes to design and style, making your time in the kitchen a pleasant one. A visually appealing kitchen can also be a point of interest for guests and visitors.
  • More effective storage: With the plethora of items present in the kitchen, one can consider strategically installing various types of built-in cabinetry, baskets, racks, containers, over-the-door organiser, turntables and more, to keep and organise all kitchen items.
  • Safety: The kitchen is a place where many accidents and injuries can occur, the most common being burns, cuts, falls and slips. Having a well-planned and more open kitchen space will help to minimise the chances of hazards and provide peace of mind to homeowners.
  • Saves time: Time is of the essence, especially when one is in the kitchen. A spacious and well-planned kitchen allows homeowners to prepare meals, unpack groceries, clean up and store things away more quickly and efficiently.


5 Design Ideas to Maximise Your Kitchen Space and Their Benefits


Some concepts that interior designers and homeowners commonly consider when designing kitchens include:


  • Open Concept Kitchen: This design idea is well-utilised in HDB interior design and small houses when it comes to designing kitchens, as it allows one to “open” up the otherwise closed-in and cramped space. It is characterised by the absence of walls in the kitchen, making the kitchen more accessible and appearing larger at the same time. An open-plan kitchen also allows more natural light to enter, making the kitchen space and entire living space appear more vibrant.
  • Kitchen Island: An increasingly popular design of choice in the kitchen, the kitchen island is particularly frequently used in landed interior design due to their sprawling space available. It is also increasingly being adopted by condo and HDB dwellers as well, albeit smaller in size. Having a kitchen island allows people to congregate around the heart of the kitchen to cook, chat and eat. It also offers additional storage and seating space, to the benefit of homeowners and guests alike.
  • Kitchen Peninsula: This design is similar to a kitchen island in that it provides additional countertop space in one’s kitchen. Unlike a kitchen island, however, a kitchen peninsula is attached to/extended from an existing wall or counter, instead of being freestanding on its own. Kitchen peninsulas are used in both home and commercial interior design (in restaurants and other F&B settings) because they add more worktop area and storage space to the kitchen.
  • Open Shelving Kitchen: Simply put, this design allows dishes and serving utensils to be placed on open shelves (rather than enclosed). This is popularly done in many Singapore homes, be it in the context of condo interior design, HDBs or landed housing alike. Its popularity is due to its ability to give an airy and borderless appearance in the kitchen, making it look spacious, larger, and brighter. It is also convenient, as individuals preparing in the kitchen can easily and quickly access dishes and other items. Additionally, if one has unique wall tiles, paint or other décor, having open shelving can also allow one to showcase those areas with ease.
  • Shaker Style Cabinets: These kinds of cabinets follow a minimalist approach with flat centre panels, few to no ornamentation, and are made up of durable wood with straight or square edges. These cabinets are made with a rail frame and panel construction and have recessed panel doors with a classic line. Homeowners will also have an easier time maintaining it, as there are only a few surfaces that will gather dirt, dust, and grease. It is also quite affordable and easily sourced.


Today, there are many different interior design options that can help one maximise the space in their kitchen. Conducting research on what works for their kitchen or better still, consulting an interior designer in Singapore, can help one attain a spacious, beautiful and optimised kitchen of their dreams.


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